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Credit Card Rebates - How To Get Yours
Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th http://www.enligneairmaxpascher.fr/ , 2010

Getting those bills in the mail is not much fun - especially the credit card bills. But what if, every time you got a bill, you also were informed about how much money your purchases had earned - wouldn't that make it more interesting? That is exactly what credit card rebates does for you. Many credit card companies are now offering rebate credit cards, giving you a percentage back. We have offered a description of what to look for in your new rebate credit card and how to get yours, quickly and easily.

Compare The Interest

Getting credit card rebates sounds like a really good idea - and it is. A few years ago - about 15, or so, there was a standard fee that everyone had to pay if they owned a credit card. Only more recently did the credit card companies begin to vary from this pattern of standardization -apparently the competition demanded new ideas. Now just about all of them have some kind of unique way to get people to sign onto their card.

A rebate credit card is really only better for you if you are in the habit of paying it off each month, when your bill comes in. This kind of card is normally a little higher in interest than a regular credit card would be. This is their way of offsetting the expense. As long as you pay the bill each month you will not have a problem. If, however, you allow your bill to be carried over into the next billing period -- well, the truth is that your card really won't do you much good. You could do better with a regular credit card.

Look For Annual Finance Fee

Rebate credit cards will often charge an annual finance fee. Some cards will waive it for the first year, but then you will be charged in successive years. The fee can also vary quite a bit, too, going from as low as $15 to as much as $135 per year.

Notice The Caps

Quite a number of these cards carry caps on just how much of a monthly (or yearly) rebate you can receive. It may differ, too, in the different kinds of purchases you make. They often will give you one rate for groceries, medicines, and gas, and another rate for purchases you make at certain stores, and then another rate for your general purchases.

Watch Your Statements

The actual amounts that you receive from your rebate credit card will often depend on which of the above categories the purchase is placed into - this is often their prerogative - but still, gas is gas. In order to ensure proper crediting, you will need to verify your purchases, each month, the rebates that are given to you.

Note The Time Frame

A rebate credit card often uses the rebates part of it as an attraction for you to get the card -- and it is a good one, too. Keep in mind, however, that the rebates may not keep coming -- but usually are good only for the first year of the card. Other cards may only give the initial offer for three months, and then drop down to a lower credit card rebates level after that. By shopping around, you will quickly find that there are many different conditions for similar cards.

You also will want to read the fine print about possible late payments -- just in case. A late payment may be all that is necessary to put you in a category of paying the highest possible interest. So, be informed, and enjoy as many possible benefits as you can, too.

Getting your own credit card rebates is a great way to go - but there is one that is even better. When you shop around, before you sign up, try to get a rebate credit card with 0% APR, and low interest. This way, as long as you make the monthly payment in full, you will be saving on interest, and get those wonderful rebates, too.

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