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After I ignited, I vomited it out for the first time and started to inhale. I felt that the smoke was full and irritated the throat, but it was not stiff and soft. The satisfaction after entering the lungs made me very happy. I was surprised that the slim cigarettes can have such strength. It satisfies me just right. It is mellow but not heavy. It is completely different from the previous slim cigarettes. This may be the credit of the hollow filter. When I smoked it to the middle stage, the original fragrance of tobacco became more and more intense, and it gave me as much feeling as it was Online Cigarettes, soft and delicate. The original problem of small sticks and large suction resistance has been solved in this cigarette, and it is very refreshing to smoke. But the cigarette burned too fast, after three or four puffs, it was already over half. It makes me feel very happy. The quality can be seen on the thin side. It perfectly inherits the taste and taste of the thick side. The hollow design of the cigarette holder also makes this cigarette a lot of points. It is not easy for a fine stick of 8mg tar to bring such satisfaction, and it is a good value for money. It seems that there will be a new option for future rations. The top of the cigarette case, again. Push the OPEN logo to the right to the end to open the lid completely. The lower part of the inner box of the device has a curved slideway on both sides. The design highlights novelty and refinement, which is also one of the manifestations of its value. Above the inner box containing cigarettes, there is a label printed with a water pattern Parliament Cigarettes. Touch the OPEN part with your finger and lift it up to reveal the filter. Such seals are mostly moisturizing and moisturizing Marlboro Gold, preventing the cigarettes from drying and hardening. Several of Jiaozi's wide and narrow cigarettes also use this seal design. Inside the seal material with obvious texture, there is also a layer of tin foil lining shiny like a mirror. The process of extracting cigarettes seems a bit strenuous. The material and color of the filter are complementary to the main packaging design of the cigarette case. With the touch of your hand, the filter is full of texture, smooth and delicate. A circle of green bands played a role in contrast and modification. The burst bead logo is printed on the upper part of the filter, which is easy to pinch.
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