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Unique Features Of Twitter Helpful For Business Marketing
Posted by webigg02 on May 26th Cheap Justin Abdelkader Shirt , 2018

Twitter is never lagged behind. They have also come up with some unique features to help the business in the long run. Those are:

‘Go Live’ Button for Periscope

Twitter acquired Periscope, which allows to see a “go live” button while composing tweets. This button enables users to broadcast directly through Twitter. It helps to expand the content types marketers. User can use live streaming to compile and publish long-form thoughts and responses.

Native GIF Search

You can share your thoughts with the help of GIFs. In 2015, people shared more than 100 million GIFs on Twitter.

Uncropped Image

Twitter has come up with uncropped photo update and a new view for multi-photo displays. This makes Twitter more visually appealing and an engaging platform.

Anti-harassment Features

Twitter has taken some serious steps to respond to harassment and threats on the network with a series of features and services so that people feel safe to use the platform. Those are:

Clear definition of abusive behaviour in the Twitter’s terms of service

Bold functionality for blocking, muting Cheap Nick Jensen Shirt , and reporting abuse

Launched Twitter Safety Center and the Trust and Safety Council

Facebook Vs Twitter - Which Is Best

Facebook and Twitter are the senior class of social networks, outranking freshman and sophomore sites like Instagram and Google+. We’ve seen a good deal of other social media sites come and go over the past decade, but Facebook and Twitter have both stood the test of time. The secret? Their ability to pivot, adapt constantly and push social networking forward by catering to both consumers and marketers.

Facebook Statistics

968 million daily active users

844 million mobile daily active users

1.49 billion monthly active users

1.31 billion mobile monthly active users

83% of users outside of the US and Canada

Data provided by Facebook

Twitter Statistics

316 million monthly users

80% of active users on mobile

77% of users outside the U.S.

500 million tweets sent per day

Data provided by Twitter

Facebook Is Reactive; Twitter Is Proactive

Facebook’s most common use is to keep people informed of what’s happening. It’s become a scrapbooking site Cheap Dylan Larkin Shirt , where people archive important moments in their lives. Twitter focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself.

How Twitter is Beneficial for Business Marketing?

Twitter is a brilliant platform that helps to market your product or services to many people with a small tweet. If you hire an SMO expert for Twitter marketing to handle your social media accounts, then only you have to pay. Otherwise, the best part about this platform is that it is absolutely free.

How Facebook is Beneficial for Business Marketing?

Facebook Cheap Frans Nielsen Shirt , supposedly the most popular social media platform, can be truly effective for business marketing if the posts add value to the community. Atleast 70% of posts should cater to business tips, recent events, local news Cheap Mike Green Shirt , or survey questions.

It is essential as Facebook can help to enhance your company’s exposure to manifold. Keep on sharing fun elements and important updates with current and potential followers.

Research shows posts done between the time frame of 1 – 4 p.m. get the maximum clicks and shares.

Unique Features of Facebook helpful for Business Marketing

In recent times, Facebook has many unique features that are rarely available in other social media platforms. Some of those are:

Facebook Cards

Real-time Facebook Comment

Spherical Video

Pages to Watch

Facebook’s new Share Sheet

Liberal ad exchange

Invite Email Contacts

Detailed Analytics

Apps Analytics

Facebook Messenger for Business


It is hard to distinguish or exclude any feature from this list as most of them play significant roles in business marketing.

Facebook Cards – It is a unique marketing tool designed by Facebook with partnership with Moo, a printing service, to print them on 16 pt stock paper. It looks similar to profile and includes cover photos Cheap Gordie Howe Shirt , profile pictures, and contact details. If you order now, Moo is offering 50 cards for free on first order.

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