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Mobile phones have come a long way since their launch more than 30 years ago. Once a rarity it is now rarer to meet someone who doesn't have a mobile phone.

Originally designed as a means to communicating with people whilst on the move scarpe nike air max 90 scontate , today they are becoming a part of our lives that few people would ever want to give up.

What was once just a means to talk to people, modern mobile phones can now send pictures, sms text messages, email, sounds and now mobile video clips to each other. They have become the ultimate mini pc and include megapixel digital cameras, web browsers, digital camcorders scarpe nike air max 90 bambino , address books, personal planners, instant messengers and a whole lot more.

It is easy to see why people sometimes feel naked when they suddenly realize they have left their mobile phones at home.

Recording and sending mobile video is tipped to be more popular than sending an SMS text message. The use for this new technology is only limited by your own imagination and creativeness. Pictures can be far more powerful than words alone.

For example: You're sat at your desk at work in a windowless building, your boss has just told you the project that you have spent the last six months on is to be shelved, your feeling down but then all of a sudden you have a new message on your mobile phone. You open it up to see your wife has just sent you a video of your baby taking their first crawl across the floor. Suddenly life makes sense again.

Your in a bar having a drink with colleagues when all of a sudden your favourite celebrity walks in. Keen to share this moment with your friends you quickly get out your mobile phone, record the moment and send it to your friends instantly for them to see.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity the mobile phone content providers soon created their own mobile phone videos ranging from ?Happy Birthday?, ?Messages of Love? scarpe nike air max 90 donne , ?Music Videos? to ?Cartoons? video clips.

They are becoming increasing popular not only for personal enjoyment but as messages we can send to friends and family. Whatever the occasion, there is a suitable mobile phone video clip for you.

A book review and a book report are different in regards to their objective.

A book report shows the content and structure of a book in an objective way. It summarizes the content and analyzes the structure. It intends to give valuable information about the book to help others decide if it is interesting and valuable.

A book review describes, evaluates or criticizes its content. Same as a book report, it explains the content and analyzes its structure, but additionally, you measure the worth of the book and recommend it, or not scarpe nike air max 90 uomo , to others.

Both center on a specific book, and rarely include research outside of it.

In college, or even for an ESL class, you may be asked to write one or the other, and it is vital that you know exactly what they are asking you to do if you want to excel in your classes. Following is a guide to write both:

1. Bibliography. Includes the author's name, title and subtitle of the book, editor and edition air max 90 scontate italia , place, publisher, date of publication and number of pages. All of it in bibliographical form under the report's title.

2. Background. Includes the author's credentials in the area and any influence that may have affected his or her views. Add any interesting data related to the writing of the book.

3. Classification of the book. Is the book fiction or non-fiction? Specify the subject area, for example, medicine, history, travel air max 90 essential scontate , biography, law, etc.

4. Classify the author's intention. How does he or she touches on the subject? Is it a specialized work? Is it meant for professionals, students or just anyone? Is it dedicated to a specific field or is it general?

5. Subject and thesis statement. What's the book about? Talk about its main subject and the author's particular point of view on that subject (thesis statement).

6. Structure analysis. The thesis statement will summarize the main idea of the book, however, you have to talk about the order of other ideas and how they relate to the thesis and between them. The headlines and sections will show most of the structure of the book, but you will find other important elements while reading it.

7. Content summary. This is based on your notes air max 90 ultra scontate , follows the author's order, and is only composed of main ideas that pinpoint the author's argument.

8. Critical comments. Check with your professor if the book report should include some criticism. These comments should be the strength of the book review. Here is where you state what you think about the author's point of view and whether it is valuable for the readers. Consider the following: Was the book's purpose achieved? Does it contribute to the field? Is it objective? Are there missing facts or evidence? What data supports the author's opinions? Can this data be interpreted differently? Is the book written clearly? Does the book stimulate discussion? Support your evaluation with evidence from the book, and don't forget to say whether you liked the piece or work or not.

So, if you were asked to read a book in your ESL class and you must write a book report or book review, now's your chance to really stand out!

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