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The home of hard work for thehousewifeand housewives.
It is their first priority at home, as the family home is an important aspect of the cleanliness of the lady of the house.
Here are the most important tips for ladies to clean up faster and better for their home:
First: (house arrangement)
• Before you start cleaning the house you should consider .. What will you start with ..?
• Usually women clean the house in a chaotic way, it is necessary to determine the most important points in the house should be started, which will consume more time than others.
• It is necessary to identify a specific room and then start it and when you finish it .. identify others and see them .. And so on.
One of the most important tips is to determine the right time to start cleaning and arranging. It will be very difficult if you start the house and arrange it after 3 pm or back time where you are also busy preparing food and cooking.
• Remember to organize a specific time to clean and arrange so as not to mix things you will get fast stress.
• The fastest cleaning steps are as follows:
• Clean the dust and dust from the top of the furniture and furnishings without putting any water on it .. It should be easy then Balha and add it to the fullest and preferred to make a tool fixed to clean the dust and wash with water well after work and cleaning.
The next step is to clean with water. Remove the dust from the places and furniture. Bring a sprinkler of water and watch it pour with a towel to clean it.
• Changing bedding, curtains and seating mats It is very important to wash it constantly so that it does not attract the invisible insects after that.
• Arrange the rooms .. Put a large wooden box in each room (children's room) and put all the games and things that are not used in the box so as not to bring chaos in the room and when needed .. Valqemi Baltian out of the wood box allocated to them.
• Polishing mirrors and furniture containing glass and surfaces of electrical appliances .. And be careful to clean it with a cloth towel and the presence of water so as not to spoil any device of electrical devices or endanger you with electricity.
• Cleaning the floors with their brushes with a liquid to eliminate the germs and insects in the bucket filled with water

The home business is very cumbersome for you to hire
_ But the most important question is how to keep the house clean in light of our work throughout the afternoon and exposed to many of the smokes and remnants of food?

If you finish all the things and then clean it, you will get stressed after all the day 's work. You will postpone cleaning the kitchen to the next day, which puts him at risk of being infected with a lot of insects that cause damage to the home and health of your children.
Prepare a deep dish filled with water in the kitchen, and then after you finish the national food, soak all the kitchen utensils that you used to make it easier for you to then clean it easily
Always clean the surface of the potage when you finish cooking it as soon as it cools to protect it from exposure to insects at night.
- Always rub your hands after finishing the cooking with lemon to remove the smells of food, such as onions and garlic, and helps to nourish your hands.
- Change the color of aluminum after using it with a towel moistened with lemon juice to return color as before.
- Always keep the kitchen walls clean with a wet towel so that it can be wiped off by the smells and rising smells of cooking.

[URL = "https://www.hvofny.com/"] Al Wassam [/ URL] Submit (Home Cleaning Plan Before Eid):
It is common knowledge that cleaning the house before the holidays and special events is very difficult for women .. If not planned well, the woman is very tired.
And the appropriate plan to facilitate the situation ..

First: start by washing all the brushes and curtains of the children's room and bedroom and then polishing the surfaces of furnishings and cupboards and then wash the floors.
Second: cleaning the bathroom and salon .. Usually two of those who need more time cleaning
So put the carpet so that it is not contaminated and do not forget to close the doors of the rooms that the cleaning of the top so as not to pollute again
Clean the floors well and wash them with water.
Thalta: Clean the kitchen and bathrooms, get rid of rotten food, clean the kitchen with smells, and clean the bathrooms.
Fourth: Arrange the rest of the house and mattresses and wash the curtains and install again.

There is no heavenly religion does not urge the human cleanliness .. Personal hygiene at the beginning (cleanliness of faith)
And care for human cleanliness and bathing daily so as not to get diseases and cleanliness of the person comes first before the cleanliness of the house, the usual person on personal hygiene .. Soetad on cleanliness in any place to live in.
The characteristics of a Muslim man (cleanliness and order) and that does not produce from his home any odors that hate the harm or harm of those who live next to him .. The cleanliness of the individual cleanliness of society
You should always ventilate the rooms after waking up and exposure to the sun and daily care to wudoo every day in all prayers so that the human being always in the most beautiful image .. Beautiful beauty loves beauty.
It is unacceptable that the wife does not know to maintain the cleanliness of her home and herself, which exposes her husband to alienate them.
The person concerned with purity in all its forms from the purity of the human ablution and purity of the body and take care of cleanliness after eating, and the purity of the dress and appearance of the outside and take care of cleaning the road and not to pollute and dumping in it
All of these images that we see now in our society do not reflect at all about our true religion
If we want to be an expressive image of our upscale religion, we must start with personal cleanliness, then clean the house and raise the children to it.
Islam is the religion of cleanliness in the broadest sense.

_ (How can we clean and build a house without a maid)?
Of the things that we have seen this period .. The eagerness of wives to have a maid at home

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